Friesland the Watersports Province of the Netherlands

Enjoying life on and around the water

Do you like water? And of space? Then Friesland is the water sports province of the Netherlands. Moreover: nowhere in the Netherlands will you find so much space, whether on the water or on land.


Most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands

Nature lovers can also indulge themselves in Friesland. Because this northern province has no less than four national parks, whereby the Wadden area was even recently voted the 'Most Beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands'.


Frisian Eleven Cities

Are you more of a city person? Then enjoy the cosy and authentic towns and villages where you can stroll, shop and enjoy a terrace by the water. Visit one of the famous eleven cities and discover how cozy, atmospheric and full of history they are!

Friesland means endless enjoyment of wide-open landscapes, lakes, beautiful nature, cosy towns and villages and a hospitable population.

And, not unimportantly: it's closer than you think!

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