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Events and incentives on and around water, snow, and ice

Places I haven’t been,
Things I haven’t seen,
People I haven’t met…

Nothing is more inspiring than going on a trip. Expanding horizons, discovering new worlds, meeting special people, and gaining new experiences. That is why Sailing Dutchman is constantly looking for the most beautiful destinations, especially on and around water. Because whether it concerns your company outing, incentive, staff trip or meeting: water gives freedom, knows no boundaries, and offers unprecedented possibilities.

Original incentives
Water gives space. Water is life. And water connects. It has been connecting countries, continents, and cultures for centuries. At Sailing Dutchman, it connects people through special company outings, surprising concepts, and original incentives to the most beautiful places.

Events, incentives, and travels for a more vigorous and healthy staff

A discount on a fitness membership is great, but to be honest: how many people really use it? Set a goal for your team. Go out together, climb a mountain together or take a challenging sailing trip. At Sailing Dutchman Events we are convinced that events can yield much more than a few fun anecdotes for the coffee machine. An event with impact not only produces fun anecdotes, but gives a better result in the workplace as well.

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