Congress on Terschelling, also in winter

Did you know that the beautiful Wadden Island Terschelling offers many possibilities for a successful conference, especially in the winter? The island is then (almost) completely for you: there are far fewer tourists than in summer. So you have all the space and possibilities. From the boat you immediately step into a completely different world. Terschelling is a great place to hold a business meeting. Close by, yet completely out of the way!


Another big advantage of Terschelling is that you can organize the meeting completely C02-neutral. A conference abroad automatically means you have to travel by car and/or plane, while Terschelling is perfectly accessible by electric car or train. Moreover, you will make the crossing with brand new, environmentally friendly LNG ships. Since you sail over the Wadden Sea, which is a World Heritage Site, the crossing is an experience in itself.

You can also travel CO2-neutrally on the island itself. If you come by boat, electric buses are waiting for you. Of course you can also just take the bike, or the covered wagon, or - because the distances are small in the village - relaxed walking.

Special locations

If you want to hold a meeting, you can choose from numerous attractive and beautifully situated locations, such as the Wreck Museum, the clubhouse of the diving team, a small church, a small theatre, a cosy studio, etcetera. Most of these are within walking distance, so you can enjoy the fresh and clean air and the island atmosphere.


Plenary session of Springtij in the Sand Digger

Actively engaged

Nothing is more effective for a conference than to be actively engaged in between sessions.
Clearing the head, increasing the heart rate and time for relaxation through exertion. The possibilities are endless on Terschelling. Think for example of a wonderful bicycle ride to the beach at Paal8 and then go beachcombing for an hour. This way you are actively involved in keeping the island beautiful and clean, and you are guaranteed to have a good and fulfilled feeling afterwards. And should the weather be worse, the activity can simply go ahead: we provide warm and dry survival suits.

Dinner on the beach

We close the day with a nutritious and healthy dinner on the beach.
How about a delicious winter dinner with fresh local products at the beach pavilion Heartbreak Hotel on the beach of Oosterend? The dessert is served at an atmospheric campfire on the beach. Afterwards, we take a night-time walk through the first official DarkSky area of the Netherlands: Boschplaat. You never knew you could see so many stars! Afterwards you can enjoy a performance by singer Hessel and his daughter Tess in the famous music café De Groene Weide.

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Springtij sustainability conference on Terschelling

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