Coronaproof company outing on Terschelling

Looking for a coronaproof company outing at a unique location? Then Terschelling might be the destination you are looking for.

Safely on the road together

After a time full of online meetings and remote conferences, you can now go out again. How do you do that in a safe and responsible way? We like to give you some tips and ideas to go coronaproof with your company to Terschelling.



Terschelling has less than 5.000 inhabitants and a lot of space. If you come to Terschelling outside the holidays or popular weekends, you have all the space you need to undertake all kinds of activities with your colleagues. Also in the autumn there are enough options to get together outside, even when it gets colder. Think of a drink at the campfire on the beach, a lunch in a dune hollow or a dinner on board of a sailing ship. You can also go out with the environmental hunter. This is not only a refreshing activity, but you also contribute to reducing the amount of (washed-up) waste on the beach and in the dunes.

Sailing at the seal bank

Coronaproof accommodations on Terschelling

Do you prefer spending the night in your own hotel room or do you prefer a farmhouse exclusively for the group? Terschelling has something to offer for every wish. Every accommodation has its own specific atmosphere. We'll be happy to advise you about a suitable accommodation where everyone feels safe. We can also answer all your questions about a suitable meeting location. Are you going for an outdoor meeting or for an inspiring indoor location with enough 'play area'?


Heb je interesse in een van onze bedrijfsuitjes, incentives of events?

Of heb je een idee of een vraag. Neem dan vrijblijvend contact met ons op. Wij denken graag met je mee.


Combine fun with content on board a sailing ship. You can easily rent a sailing ship exclusively for a group, which guarantees that you are not with strangers in a room. In addition, a sailing ship is also suitable to facilitate a meeting. While you focus on the meeting, the skipper will ensure a safe and comfortable crossing. On many sailing ships you can stay the night, so you are assured of an exclusive accommodation. A sailing trip across the Wadden Sea is an experience in itself, but there is more to experience. For example, falling dry and walking across the mud flats with a guide, barbecuing on a sandbank or arriving at another island after a day of sailing.

Seals between Vlieland and Terschelling on the spathoek

Inspiration for a coronaproof company outing on Terschelling

Do you want more ideas or do you have questions about a coronaproof company outing to Terschelling? Please contact us and we will tell you everything about a safe program for the company on Terschelling.

Maak een afspraak om jouw wensen te bespreken

Sailing Dutchman has years of experience in organizing business events on and around the water in the snow or on the ice. We like a personal approach and are happy to visit you to discuss your plans.

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