Coronaproof company outing

We're all ready to get out and about again. But organize a coronaproof company outing that is suitable for everyone.

Coronaproof incentives

In the past period we have had to adapt on many different fronts. Many things have become normal at a rapid pace. Working at the kitchen table or a child asking for candy during a video call, no one is surprised anymore. Despite all the changes, the routine is starting to sink in. You and your colleagues are not as sharp as you were at the beginning of the year. How do you let a fresh wind blow through the team at this time? It would be good to go out together, but how do you travel safely with the company?

Coronaproof company outing on the Wadden Islands

We have been fans of the Wadden Sea for years. The unspoilt nature, the space, the hospitality and moreover: everything goes back a few gears. Another plus: it's within our national borders, so you don't have to worry about constantly changing travel advice. There is something different to experience here every season.

What purpose do you give your company outing?

Of course it's great to get back to chatting with your colleagues about this and that, but it's not really justifiable if - after the past few months - you're just going to have a bit of fun at the company's expense. Thinking about the purpose of your coronaproof company outing will not only make it more accountable both internally and externally, it can also produce a better result in the workplace. The purpose of your trip can be professional. By alternating meetings with relaxation, you have the opportunity to brush up on each other's skills while still being away together in an informal way.


Horseback riding with Friesian horses on the beach


Creating added value does not only have to be about the subject matter. Working together on your health is also an enormous added value. Recent times have shown - more than ever - how important a vital lifestyle is. Working on your health in a fun, relaxed way can therefore certainly be a goal in itself for a coronaproof company outing.

Additional advantage

In addition to the benefits of the company outing, the vitality goal can also yield tax benefits. Want to know everything about WKR? Contact us for advice to make your coronaproof company outing WKR-proof as well.

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What can a coronaproof company outing on the Wadden look like? Take a look at one of our inspiration pages: Terschelling

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Fatbiking on the beach of Terschelling

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