Digital Transformation on Terschelling

Surf on the waves of Disruption

Getting started with Digital Transformation ... on Terschelling!
Are you almost going crazy with the new stream of buzz words like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Big Data? Where, when and how will Digital Transformation affect your business?

Taking a few days off

Take a few days off - literally - and get to work with a small group on Digital Transformation from a charming farmhouse on the island of Terschelling. This means gamification, simulations and workshops about the impact of Digital Transformation on your company. And all of this pleasantly alternated with a walk across the mud flats, an iPad-controlled escaperoom on a mountain bike, campfire dialogues and delicious food at the farm.


Concrete plan

We discuss the success and failure factors of Digital Transformation, impact scenarios for your company, new leadership styles and the impact on company culture. You will come home with a concrete plan and... an unforgettable experience!

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Horseback riding with Friesian horses on the beach

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