Digital Transformation

We are getting more and more signals that many people are worried about the digital transformation and don't really know what to do. What is going to change in the near future and what is coming our way? Not only from the outside, but also internally, within the company.

Somehow they do understand that many processes are easy to automate and may soon be redundant. But many people have no idea what is in store for them, let alone how to deal with it. And this unfamiliarity and uncertainty makes them - not surprisingly - a little scared.



I sometimes say: "Everything you rehearse, you can also let a computer do it or let artificial intelligence do it." This often frightens people and they object that it becomes very impersonal. "No", I reply, "just not. Because it often involves - with all due respect - one-sided actions that are not very difficult. If you can get rid of those, you basically have more time left over for personal contact."

Digital awareness

Only because it is new and unknown, we find it scary and threatening. In addition, we often have no idea how we are going to set it up and give it shape. And also: how are we going to tell our employees that many things and tasks will soon no longer exist? Fortunately, there are now sufficient ways to raise people's digital awareness. But this often takes the form of a course given in a standard meeting room using a PowerPoint presentation. At the end of the course, you're outside, and then what?

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Unique location

For a long time I had the idea to do such transformation processes at a unique location, like an island or in the mountains, where you take people out of their comfort zone. If you tackle the problems together in this way, you get much better results. We have done a number of pilots and noticed afterwards that the participants were very enthusiastic and enjoyed getting to work. And so in a few weeks' time we will be starting a first programme in Austria.

Next step

Of course, that takes quite a bit of travel time and it would be a pity if that would be wasted. And so you start your digital journey at the moment of departure and begin your first assignment. You get a tablet with which you can work in pairs or foursomes on the plane or in the car. When you arrive at your destination, you have already done a large part of the work. You are fully briefed and prepared, and can immediately proceed to the next step: getting down to work together.

Efficient and effective

I'm sure that this concept will lead to many more results. This way, companies and teams can work efficiently and effectively on their digital transformation. Because don't forget: we can tell you all kinds of things, but you'll have to work with the material yourself. And how great is it when you can do this at an inspiring location!

Ilmar Wessels

Entrepreneur @Sailing Dutchman Events

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