Sustainable company outing

Sustainable company outing with impact 

Looking for a special interpretation for a sustainable company outing? Sailing Dutchman has the wind in its sails and would love to take you on a sustainable company outing. We not only look at environmentally friendly transport options, but also at all other aspects to give a sustainable interpretation to your company outing.

A sustainable day out starts with sustainable transport

To get off to a good start, we are looking for a destination that can be reached by train, bicycle or electric car. We also like to use sailing ships or ferries powered by LNG. This way you are assured of a good start to your sustainable company outing.

Local food

During your team outing we prefer to work with caterers and subcontractors who work with local products so that no unnecessary emissions occur during transport.

An additional advantage is that this way often a world opens up for the participants, because through globalization you are no longer aware of the special edibles that grow around us.

We know better than anyone that when you eat in a special environment - such as a dune hollow - the food always tastes even better. And such a special location also contributes to a growing awareness during the company outing.

Sustainable activities during your company outing

For your outing we also look at suitable activities with little or no emission. Think of blokarting (beach sailing), canoeing, or mudflat hiking to a seal bank.

Meetings between the cows on Terschelling

Is my sustainable company outing tax deductible?

Based on your wishes we will advise you on how we can make your company outing partially or fully tax-deductible(WKR-proof). Think for example of a substantive interpretation in a sustainable location such as an old church or barn.



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