Sustainable incentives for companies

Sustainable incentives

An increasing number of people realize that sustainable travel is not a limitation at all. Also for incentives and corporate travel, sustainability is an important factor when choosing a trip. Perhaps the company already has a vision on how - as a company - it wants to contribute to a better world. Sustainable incentives are then a step in the right direction.

Minimize the environmental impact

The location and the journey to your destination often leave a big mark on the sustainability of your trip. Choose a destination closer to home, such as one of the Wadden Islands. Or choose a greener mode of transport. Go by train or sailing ship, that offers the possibility to use the travel time in a useful way. Would you like to go to a faraway destination? Then think about how you can compensate for the impact of your trip.

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Sustainable employability

Besides focusing on the ecological impact of your trip, you can also focus on the sustainable employability of your personnel. Going on a trip together with your colleagues and at the same time working on a better performance on the work floor. We would like to help you think about how you can combine fun with improving the physical and mental health of your staff.

Double benefit from your sustainable incentive

By using a company trip cleverly, you can benefit on several levels. Firstly: just for fun, being away with colleagues in a different setting. Secondly, by making a sustainable choice you can contribute to, for example, the vitality of the company. And finally, because of the design of the programme, it can also provide a tax advantage.

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