Sustainable staff travel

Go on a sustainable journey with your colleagues

Looking for sustainable staff travel? Sustainable travel is not only better for the world, it often yields even better stories. Tell us honestly, which story would you rather tell when you get back home? "I went on a winter holiday in Ischgl with my colleagues, where we had a five-course dinner and drank champagne at a VIP table every night."
Or: "I went on a winter sports trip to Carinthia with colleagues. We did a snowshoe hike with the National Park Ranger and we had an exclusive party at a mountain lodge where we went by sleigh."

Useful travel time

Travel by train or on a sailing ship, this offers the possibility to use the travel time in a useful way. Instead of wasting half the day waiting and checking in at the airport, you really have time for each other on board the sailing ship. And meanwhile the skipper and his crew will take you to your destination. That way your trip is not lost time, but time to get together and make sense of it. Furthermore, a trip on a sailing ship is just a great experience and it provides the occasional nice break when the skipper needs help, for example to hoist a sail.

Choose local

If you do choose to travel by plane, at least choose local. Stay with a local instead of a large hotel chain. Eat fresh and from regional suppliers. In this way, your trip will also contribute to the local economy. Do you really want to make a difference? Then why not spend an afternoon doing some environmental hunting when you're at Terschelling? These local places and small-scale activities are often not so easy to find and certainly do not appear at the top of the search results, but we will gladly take that search off your hands.

Sustainable personnel trips to the Wadden Sea

Sustainable employability

Sustainability is not just about the ecological impact on the environment. Have you ever thought about how your trip could contribute to a company with fitter and happier staff? Investing in vitality yields better results on the shop floor in the long term. Never thought about it? Contact us and together we will brainstorm about a vitality trip.

Suggestions for sustainable staff travel

We would like to make a few suggestions for sustainable staff travel. Locations where you have the space and locations that are guaranteed to surprise you. We have been fans of the Wadden Islands for years. Within the national borders, but you imagine yourself in a totally different environment. Authentic Austria, go off the beaten track (or slopes) and choose a different winter sports experience. A winter sports experience where even non-skiers are happy. Also a winter destination, but then towards the far north: Finnish Lapland, where you can ice fish, take a trip with sled dogs and sleep under the northern lights. Preferably no snow and ice? Then choose Scotland. This region with rugged nature, whisky distilleries and even more rugged nature guarantees new adventures.

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Sled dogs in Finnish Lapland

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