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Unique and unforgettable group tours

Are you looking for a unique and surprising group travel? Then come with us! We believe that a beautiful region is also characterized by the people who live there, and who can tell about their passion from their heart. The combination of a beautiful place and special people guarantees an unforgettable experience! Get inspired by our special destinations here

Tailor-made group travel

Because every group is different and has different starting points, we only believe in tailor-made trips for every group. If your wishes are not (yet) listed please let us know because nothing is too crazy for us.


We are happy to help you make your group trip tax-deductible, so you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.


Fully catered group tours

We would like to take the work out of your hands by arranging your group trip from start to finish, so that you can optimally enjoy the group trip together with your colleagues, clients and/or relations. And if your wishes are not (yet) listed please let us know. We will gladly get to work for you.

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Or do you have an idea or a question. Please feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you.

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Please contact us for an appointment. We can't wait to get started with your wishes.

Discover the unexpected!

Dinner in a wine cellar

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Sailing Dutchman has years of experience in organizing business events on and around the water in the snow or on the ice. We like a personal approach and are happy to visit you to discuss your plans.

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