Incentives for staff

Collect as many memories as possible

You would like to reward your staff with an unforgettable incentive. But how do you do that and where do you start? Based on our years of experience, we always advise to look at the bigger picture first. What do you want to radiate? What is your goal? An incentive or event that is organised from a certain vision has much more impact (and is much more appreciated) than when it is an isolated event. We are happy to help you determine the ideal incentive for your staff.

Business Interest

Because people are often very enthusiastic about a particular idea or activity, the company's interests can sometimes slip into the background. And that's a shame, because a staff incentive can mean a lot more to the company than just a reward. Want to know how that works? We are happy to come and visit you to brainstorm about what suits your company best.

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Anything goes

Because we are not bound to a fixed location, we can present a number of ideas for an incentive trip based on your wishes and starting points. Together we will filter these ideas to a tailor made proposal. And don't let the idea that something is not possible or unfeasible stop you. Thanks to our years of experience almost anything is possible!

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Or do you have an idea or a question. Please feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you.

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What about the WKR for my incentive?

Everyone is faced with the same challenge: how to ensure that the WKR levy remains as limited as possible. In consultation with you, we look for the best solution. We are happy to list the possibilities, based on our extensive experience.

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Curious about our incentives for your staff?

Please contact us or look here for more inspiration. We love personal contact and would love to visit you to brainstorm further.

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Sailing Dutchman has years of experience in organizing business events on and around the water in the snow or on the ice. We like a personal approach and are happy to visit you to discuss your plans.

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