Scotland one big adventure

On our journey through Scotland, the lady from Visit Scotland tipped us where to find beautiful and authentic hotels near the water. And so we ended up, again via via via, at a large and centuries old Scottish country house. The owner turned out to be a big rugby fan. Coincidentally I am one too, so soon we were drinking whisky and beer with him on the terrace.

He ran a bed & breakfast in the mansion. It was completely Scottish: carpet on the stairs, portraits of ancestors on the walls, open fires everywhere to keep the house warm and a beautiful Victorian living room. Just the Scottish feeling we were looking for. The owner advised a pub where we could eat, and even though we thought - spoilt as we are with fancy restaurants - 'What kind of converted stable is this', the food turned out to be more than excellent. Everything was purely local and super fresh, and not expensive at all. The food is fantastic and the people are, like everywhere in Scotland, very hospitable and kind.

The 'squatting beds' on which we slept were a perfect match and slept wonderfully well. During breakfast the man of the house came to tell us about the old days. It was so interesting that we were in danger of missing the express boat to Jura. "Ho", I said, "we must make a phone call". And guess what? We couldn't because there was no service. So that boat was out of the question, and we decided we might as well take a detour, over all those beautiful little roads our host had just told us about. And we did not regret that, on the contrary. It was really breathtakingly beautiful.

What a beautiful landscape the west coast has! You drive from one painting to another. While we were driving along those little country roads and enjoying ourselves to the fullest, it occurred to me that this would also be great for our clients. It is much more fun to rent Land Rovers or 4×4's and let the people drive themselves over the winding roads along the coastline. How cool is that? Really, your mouth falls open when you look to the right and left, those views, that landscape. That's how you turn the trip into a great experience.


Since we missed the fast boat, we took the slow boat to Isle of Jura, an island with nothing to do except a small village around a distillery. There are 6000 deer and 200 people. The car could not be taken, so we took the bus to the village on the loch. In the hotel we met a man who could tell us everything about the island, and knew where we could eat, who we could talk to, and what his nickname was. Such a small island, but what stories, and what possibilities. No, you can't do that from behind your desk. You have to go on an adventure. Because only then do you speak to people you would otherwise never meet. And only then will you discover places that no one else knows.

See you soon!

Ilmar Wessels

Entrepreneur @Sailing Dutchman Events

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