Activities on Terschelling

Terschelling is a very popular destination for people who want to have the feeling of being away from it all. In order to give you an idea of this beautiful Wadden Sea island we have highlighted some of its usps.

Sun, sea and beach on Terschelling

Sun, sea and beach make Terschelling a very popular destination. On the north side of the island no less than 30 km white sandy beach is waiting for you. The beach of Terschelling is the widest of the Netherlands and one of the widest of Western Europe. Island visitors can endlessly enjoy long beaches with unforgettable sunsets here. Because of its location Terschelling has the most sun hours of the Netherlands. Because of this combination of sun, sea and beach Terschelling is very popular as a holiday destination and it is also a great location for events.


There is hardly a place where you can find as much variety in nature as on Terschelling. Only one third of the island is inhabited, the rest is mainly nature reserve. Unspoiled dunes, beaches, heathland, forests and polders alternate within a radius of only a few kilometers. The island also has beautiful bicycle and hiking trails. The further east you go, the more nature you will find. After the village of Oosterend, you will only find the European nature reserve of Boschplaat.

Picturesque villages

The main villages on the island are West-Terschelling, Midsland, Hoorn and Oosterend. The villages have kept a lot of their charm and history. West-Terschelling is situated directly at the harbour where the ferry from Harlingen arrives. The village is easy to recognize from a distance because of the famous lighthouse the Brandaris. Here you can taste the nautical atmosphere.

Huifkartocht on the beach of Terschelling

Natural bay

Next to the village is the only natural bay of the Netherlands, called Baai Dellewal. When visiting Terschelling we can definitely recommend the view from the big dune over the bay.

Local specialties

Midsland is the second village of Terschelling and is mostly known for its island traditions, such as the St. Jans Draverij and the Beestemerk. The larger villages are bustling with activity, especially during the summer period, and are known for their many cosy pubs and excellent restaurants, which are happy to introduce you to local specialities such as cranberry, fresh sea bass, marsh samphire and cockles from the mud flats.

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Hoorn and Oosterend

In Hoorn you will find the Green Meadow of singer and pub owner Hessel who performs there almost every day with his daughter Tess. A visit to the Green Meadow should not be missed during your visit to the island. The last village, Oosterend, is the most agricultural village of the island. Here you will find various farmers, a horse rental company, cheese maker and sheep cheese farm.

UNESCO nature reserve Wadden Sea

On the south side of the island is the UNESCO nature reserve the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is one of the last large tidal flats in the world and stretches from the Netherlands to Esbjerg in Denmark. The Wadden Sea is completely unique in its kind, twice a day the tidal flats change shape. At low tide you can find kilometers of extensive sandbanks. As much as two thirds of the mudflats are dry at low tide. At high tide, everything floods again. This process of high and low tide repeats itself twice a day. As a visitor of Terschelling you are lucky that you always have to sail across the Wadden Sea to get to Terschelling.

Oystercatchers in a bird's eye view

Stories on Terschelling

Nothing is as characteristic for Terschelling as the beautiful stories. Islanders are proud of their island and love to tell about it. Sitting around a campfire listening to strong stories of beachcombers through the years is really a special experience. Every family carries a special story or piece of history with them. During your visit to Terschelling this really is one of the things you must have done.


Besides the above, there is much more that makes Terschelling so unique: the island folklore, the cranberries, the Oerol-festival, the nature reserve Boschplaat and much more. We would like to invite you to take a look at this special island in the Wadden Sea!

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