Test your Team

The ulitimate team building on the water

Test your team on board a sailing ship. What is the difference between a group and a team? Step aboard and you will literally experience this. Defy the elements of water and wind and see where your team stands. Working together will not get you there. The assignments on board only succeed with real cooperation.

How does it work?

In the morning a group steps aboard as on a normal working day. After a short welcome, an explanation of the process and the necessary safety instructions, the first assignment follows: sail to the island without any help from the captain. Challenging but achievable... provided you work well together. Two hours later the ship is on the island in the middle of Lake Grevelingen and the team is critically examined. Who took on what role? How did this come about? How did the mutual communication go? What was the atmosphere like? Who took the lead? Who kept the necessary distance? Many questions... many answers... many lessons. Immediately after the coffee, assignment two follows: the chance to immediately put the lessons learned to use and to grow as a team.

Neat work

When working together in an organization, you have to make do with the colleagues around you. That is a given. You will have to work together to achieve the set goal. There is not much choice. Usually there is also a hard deadline to reach this goal... again a given. The only real variable is the way in which you achieve the intended goal together, within the allotted time. The 'how' can be influenced. And that's exactly where the difference is between success and failure. With us on board it is exactly like that: the people are known, the goal is set and you get a time limit. The 'how' is up to the team and is on the agenda all day. Just like work... only more fun, because you're all together on a beautiful boat in a wonderful environment. Fun and educational at the same time!

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